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Course Description This is the first of 6 series in the Primary Mathematics course. Your student’s learning will begin from the very first time he or she logs in. Series…


Students will use this foldable to enhance their knowledge about the different types of storms. They will colour the graphics and write sentences about each of the storms.

This foldable is about one of The Bahamas Governor General.  Use this foldable to help students enhance their knowledge about this governor-general.

This document contains the 2017 grade 6 GLAT papers.

This foldable features The Governors-General of The Bahamas. Since independence in 1973, The Bahamas has ten Governors-General. Students will enhance their knowledge about the various governors-general. Sir Milo Butler Sir…

This foldable helps students to reinforce how to behave in school and in the class. They will colour graphics, glue pictures below the flaps, and write details.

This foldable will help students to enhance their learning about Commonwealth Day which is celebrated once per year.  Students will colour the graphics, cut out the template and glue it onto the…

Here is a social studies video lesson that teachers about Higher Education in The Bahamas

This social studies video lesson is about who is a tourist.