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In this video the narrator walks you through a problem which involves knowing how to identify an arithmetic sequence. Recognizing sequences is an important skill to develop in preparation for…

This foldable helps students to enhance their learning about the various resources of The Bahamas, renewable and Non-renewable.

This foldable is about one of the national heroes of The Bahamas.

Here is a social studies video lesson that teachers about Disney World

This resource was prepared as a viable ANSWER KEY (A Quick Reference/Study Companion/Review Guide) for the Biology 2018 Paper 2 - BGCSE Examination Past Paper produced by The Bahamas Ministry…

This is a video lesson on mangroves ecosystem

This is the GLAT 2022 grade 3 math application and answer key.

This is a social studies video lesson on Bimini Legends and game fishing. Students will enhance their learning about the island of Bimini.

Students will be able to answer GLAT (Grade Level Assesment Test) structured questions in science from grades 4 and 5 curricula. Answers are also included. There are 7 lessons included.…