BGCSE Mathematics Course

This preparation course is designed for candidates taking Mathematics as a single subject. You will review three years of content. The course is delivered online and includes a print workbook. The course is also assisted by an Instructor.  The aims of this BGCSE Mathematics course is to prepare students to demonstrate their ability to:

  1. organize, interpret and present information accurately in written, tabular, graphical and diagrammatic forms
  2. perform calculations by suitable methods and use and electronic calculator
  3. estimate and approximate
  4. understand systems of measurement
  5. interpret, transform and make appropriate uses of mathematical statements
  6. recall, apply and interpret mathematical knowledge
  7. analyze a problem, select a suitable strategy and apply it
  8. apply combinations of mathematical skills and techniques in problem-solving
  9. set out mathematical work in a logical and clear form using appropriate symbols and technology.

Course begins: January 2nd. Secure your spot now!

Course Registration: $30.00  Course Fee: $80.00

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