BJC Social Studies

This preparation course is designed for candidates taking Social Studies as a single subject. You will review three years of content. The course is delivered online and includes a print workbook. Coursework is included.

The  domains of this study are:

1. Knowledge – You will be able to recall and select relevant factual information from materials such as resources, graphs, pictures and maps to show that you understand the concepts and principles.
2. Interpretation
– You will be able to present graphs and diagrams in different forms. As well as report activities precisely, logically, and clearly in order to show understanding. Logical conclusions should be given in response to all data.
3. Application – You will be able to evaluate information in order to assess accuracy, relevance, objectivity and adequacy. Along with recognizing values, making a defensible decision based on information analyzed from different sources, and the ability to organize and classify information; you will be able to extract and generalize information from new and existing situations.

4. Empathy – You will be able to understand how people in the past saw events and resolved their issues; judge events in the past and comment from your point of view about those who lived in the time period; compare how issues could have been viewed differently at the time with your current knowledge.

Course begins: January 2020

Course Registration: $30.00  Course Fee: $80.00

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