Thinking of Homeschooling Workshop

Thinking of Homeschooling – Online Workshop

About the Workshop

Are you thinking about homeschooling but not sure if it’s something you can do?

Maybe you’re ready to get started but still have a few questions about how to make it work for your family.

There is much to consider when deciding to homeschool such as your career, finances, time management, curricula, college etc.

In this online workshop, we address some of the more common concerns parents have regarding their ability to homeschool.

Each question is answered in a separate video, which means you can choose to watch the entire workshop or only those topics that you need the most help with.

Here’s what we cover in this workshop;

  1. I’m ready to begin homeschooling, where do I start?
  2. How do I homeschool my child and work?
  3. How can I afford to homeschool and not work?
  4. How do I know what academic level my child is at?
  5. How do I homeschool if I intend to send my child back to traditional school?
  6. I want to take my high school child out of school. How do I homeschool her?
  7. Can I homeschool my child if I am not good at math and other subjects?
  8. Can my child get into college as a homeschooler?
  9. What about socialization?

Who is this workshop for?

Parents interested in pursuing a direct role in their child’s education such as teaching and/or facilitating.


Tansey Louis

Tansey Louis –  A homeschooling mother of 4 and founder of The Student Shed. Tansey has homeschooled for the past 14 years. She provides encouragement, advice and learning resources for parents who have an active interest in their child’s education.

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