Bjc private tutoring bgcse private tutoring

One on One Private Tutoring

Does your child need extra help with GLAT, BJC or BGCSE prep? Our one on one tutoring sessions are designed for just that. In these sessions, students can review the…

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Action Verbs printable and digital worksheets

Action Verbs Lesson

Does your child or student need a little help understanding action verbs? This resource includes all you need to teach a lesson on the topic ‘action verbs’. This lesson is…

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Pronouns worksheet print and digital

Pronouns Lesson

Does your child or student need a little help understanding pronouns? This resource includes a bite-sized video lesson teaching the topic of personal pronouns. Once your student has completed the…

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BJC & BGCSE English Study Tips

Whether we like it or not, the subject of “English” is a mandatory one from primary school through tertiary education. And too often, students are left stumped and beaten down…

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Syllables Worksheet

This worksheet will reinforce your child’s knowledge of ‘syllables’. Syllables is a topic listed on the primary school Language arts curriculum. When you download this free product you get access…

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Grade 1 Mixed Bundle

This grade 1 mixed bundle consists of worksheets for mathematics, grammar, creative writing, and comprehension.

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Grade 2 Mixed Bundle

This grade 2 mixed bundle has worksheets for math, science, grammar, social studies, and creative writing.

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Language Skills GLAT Grade 3 2019

This past paper covers the language skills of spelling, vocabulary, and phonics. ✔ Questions and answer key included. ✔ Downloadable file. Sample preview:        

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