Lesson 1- Autobiography

Welcome to your first lesson in the BGCSE English Language course. In this first lesson, we will look at Autobiography.

Instructions to complete this lesson;

  1. View the video lesson below
  2. Complete your assignment

Download Slides Lesson 1


You now need to plan for a written autobiographical task.

Think about a moment at school you remember vividly. This might be your first day, an event such as a sports competition, the day you met your best friend etc.

Spend some time remembering the event and make notes about what happened.

Now write about the event in a way that will engage the reader.


  • First person
  • Past tense
  • Descriptive language
  • Focus on detail

Aim to write at least 500 words. Write your name and the title of the assignment “Lesson 1 – Autobiography” at the top of your paper.

For feedback on your assignment, upload it below. Be sure to include your name and the lesson title on the assignment.