Lesson 2 – Descriptive Writing

In this lesson, we will look at ‘Descriptive Writing’.

Instructions to complete this lesson;

  1. View the video lesson below
  2. Complete your assignment

Download Slides Lesson 2


It’s now time to write your own descriptive piece. Choose from one of the titles below and employ all the techniques we’ve discussed in this lesson.

The scene in a busy supermarket;
The scene in a railway or bus station;
The scene at a funfair;
The scene on a beach in the summer;
The scene in a school playground at the beginning of the morning.

Aim to write at least 500 words. Write your name and the title of the assignment “Lesson 2 – Descriptive Writing” at the top of your paper.

For feedback on your assignment, upload it below. Be sure to include your name and the lesson title on the assignment.