This foldable feature building in the community. Students will be able to write sentences about the purpose of each building.

This foldable is to assist students to show their love of the special dads in their life. Children will colour the graphics on the template and then write below the…

The foldable helps students to retrace slavery from Africa across the Atlantic to The Bahamas. It highlights slavery to emancipation in 1834.

This resource will help students with their study of the third term lessons from social studies and sciences. They will be able to match the statements with each word or…

This foldable is about Earth Day. Help students to learn more about taking care of The Earth.

This file contains language skills for grade 3 from the GLAT past papers Syllabication Sentences Spelling Abbreviation Prefixes Contraction Parts of Speech Answer Key

Multiple Choice Questions Map of The Bahamas Eleutheran Adventurers Local Government in The Bahamas Defending our Boundaries National Symbols Australia Answer Key

This document contains the mathematics for grade 6 GLAT 2016. Math Number Concepts Math Computations Math Application Answer Key

Multiple Choice Cells From Flower to Fruit The Circulatory System The Atmosphere Conservation of Energy Simple Circuit Answer Key